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Industries We Serve

Industries We Serve

Oil and Natural Gas

  • We specialize in mobile drill rigs, known for their versatility in the field.  Exploratory drilling in an efficient manner allows for the high yielding wells to be tapped, and we are proud to have our cylinders in various natural gas plays. Mast tilts, pipe handling, out riggers

Trash to Steam

  • Ram cylinders and ash extractors

Steel Industry

  • We understand the demands in a mill, from the charging floor to the melt shop.  The extreme temperatures in these environments greatly effect the life of a cylinder. If it is a recondition, a rebuild, or a new fabrication, we are familiar with the day to day stresses placed on these cylinders, and how fix them effectively

Plastic Manufacturing

  • It is hard to imagine a world without plastic.  We service the small cylinders and valves used in plastic bottle and container manufacturing.  These machines run 24/7, so a dependable service house in needed with exceptional performance.  If one machine goes down, the bottom line is greatly disturbed.


  • We have extensive experience on aircraft carriers, civilian ships, and barges, including the USS John F. Kennedy, the USS Constellation, and the USS Forrestal. 

Solar energy

  • We are always pursuing new industries.  Solar panels require hydraulic cylinders to move the panels to the appropriate angle for optimal sun.  This is a field that we are currently exploring.

Waste Management

  • Every trash truck has a compactor on it.  Every compactor is powered by a cylinder.  We fix ‘em!