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Repair and Reconditioning

Repair and Reconditioning

Because we are also a manufacturing facility, we have the ability to fabricate component parts for almost any cylinder, thus allowing for a superior reconditioning so that your repaired cylinder will last longer. We also specialize in new packing arrangements, which will extend the life of your cylinder.

Capabilities:  Standard and custom seal arrangements (O-Rings, Polypaks, etc.), packings, flanges, pistons, retubing, rods, valves, honing and chroming

Repair Series






Temperature is the prime consideration involved in seal material selection. Determining both the upper and lower temperature extremes at which the seal is expected to function, and the duration of time the seal is exposed to these extremes is critical to selecting the proper material. 

Sometimes the OEM’s original seal arrangement is not ideal for the application, or a more extreme weather environment. We have had great success extending the longevity of cylinders by finding the appropriate polymer for a given situation. We will perform site visits if necessary to determine the cause of a repeating failure. Our goal is to give the most working hours to your cylinder. 

Fluid Compatibility: Elastomers are affected to some degree by the type of hydraulic fluid being used. 

Read about the need for quality seals here.

Installation: Proper alignment is just as important as the quality of the cylinder itself. Side loading is the most common result. We report our analysis to the customer and share our knowledge and expertise. Our intent is to avoid premature service, and add more strokes to your cylinder.

Here is a link for troubleshooting repair.